Multi-faceted and versatile Prof. Shivshankar Trivedi

There are many aspects of the personality and deeds of Prof. Shivshankar Trivedi. He is known as a great scientist, orator, litterateur and a hardcore fighter. He advocated nutrition energy science and invented cancer drug, which has given new life to thousands of cancers patients. On the other hand he gave new parameters to the rich Indian culture on the global platform through logical thinking.

He was born in a farmer’s family of Dwijanpur Village in Baliya District of Narayangad in U.P. He left this world on 26th April 2015 at the age of 80 years. He got his B.Sc. Degree from Kashi Hindu University. There he got influenced by the speeches and books of Dr. Hazari Prasad Dwivedi. Later on he did his M. A. in Hindi and English and started serving as a teacher. Meanwhile he developed liking for literature. He developed special interest in English literature. Milton, Shakespeare, Kits, Hardy and Ets were some of his favorite litterateur. After enriching himself in the field of science, literature, history, yoga and political science etc. his life was filled with compassion and love. When J. P. took the cudgel against corruption and inflation, he joined the bandwagon from Rajasthan. He started weekly magazine of which he himself was an editor. He was jailed in 1975-76 during Emergency. When the Rajasthan Govt. offered him pension as a freedom fighter, he politely refused saying, “I had gone to jail for the nation and not for money.’’

Mr. Trivedi enriched songs, poems, novels and epics with his vast experience. They are being published. His theme is based on rich Indian culture and adopted to suit each and every occasion. Kunti Ek Maa (Small Poems), Sanzoti Ke Diya (Fiction), Avaneesh (Epic), Sukhi Dharati Sondhi Vaas (Novel) are some of his literally creations. His literally work will be a guiding lamp enlightening mankind’s destiny and will be read by generations to come, because only a visionary could enrich such literary world. He believed and advocated a notion that the ultimate truth is above all the knowledge and wisdom and cannot be divided by soul and physics. It is omnipresent. There is continuity and prosperity in the entire process of universe. We cannot bring back the past but definitely build our future based on what we have lost in the process. He had immensely contributed in the field of the logic, nature and life science. All this has reflected in his literally creations.